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** Released on 2016-10-14 New

  • Visual Studio Code debugging now supports multiple script objects
  • Support for .NET Core
  • Support for Unity WebGL
  • Support for WSA targets at source level
  • Improved support of other Unity targets
  • Unity package is now included inside distribution zip file (easier to use and faster to deploy than the asset store)
  • Stripped source distribution is now included inside distribution zip file (to ease custom framework builds)
  • Improved compatibility layer for API changes between .NET framework releases
  • Fixed : NuGet packages for VsCode debugger were broken
  • Fixed : VsCode debugger breakpoints might get missed
  • Fixed : VsCode debugger keeps the program running on exit because of a foreground thread
  • Fixed an issue where hardwiring a delegate generated invalid ctor calls #158 (thanks issingle)


** Released on 2016-10-07

  • Support for debugging from Visual Studio Code (see here for details)
  • Serialization/Deserialization of tables and objects to JSON
  • JSON library added
  • Unity Asset Store package - now in “pending approval” stage
  • Various (breaking) changes to debugger infrastructure
  • Added some overloads to Script.DoFile, Script.DoString and Script.DoStream methods
  • Fixed : minor bug in table serialization of string fields


** Released on 2016-10-03

  • Behaviour of C# functions called using the colon ‘:’ operator can be chosen using the ColonOperatorClrCallbackBehaviour Script option (see also #149).
  • Vastly improved performance of table insertion #144 (thanks nshibano)
  • Vastly improved performance of table appends (somewhat related to #144)
  • Added disposability to debugger host chain #150 (thanks aravol)
  • Fixed : require didn’t always skip loading already loaded modules
  • Fixed : Table.Clear crashing #151 (thanks JokieW)
  • Fixed : Error loading moonsharp.exe #148 (thanks InfectedBytes)
  • Fixed : Script processing fails on files smaller than 8 bytes … #145 (thanks nagblock)
  • Fixed : SyntaxErrorException On valid lua syntax #147 (thanks andreluis034)
  • Fixed : Hexadecimal numbers were accepted with weird prefixes (like 5x1234)
  • Fixed : MoonSharp clobber syntex error details during require #121 (thanks fgretief)


** Released on 2016-05-16

  • Added a RethrowExceptionNested option to Script.GlobalOptions which instead of doing a plain re-throw of exceptions, embeds them in the InnerException property of a new exception object. Useful to simplify handling (newer exceptions are automatically decorated) and to preserve stack traces on Mono/Unity (annoying Mono bug..)
  • Removed _ENV tables from serialized bytecode (thanks Matija Hustić)
  • Added non-standard contains, startsWith and endsWith methods to string module.
  • Refactored the Table class’s Set/Get methods to be more symmetrical, with added RawGet, Remove and Append methods (thanks Francois Retief)
  • Added strong names (thanks Fernando P. Najera Cano)
  • Fixed : Events missing add or remove methods could cause a NullReferenceException
  • Fixed : __newindex metamethod can completely break the MoonSharp VM (bad bad bug)
  • Fixed : Lexer matched non-western digits as valid numbers (if you are a .NET developer, recommended read: this - ouch)


** Released on 2016-02-09

  • Hardwiring.
  • DynValue.NewPrimeTable() to create a prime table, that is a table which can be shared between Scripts
  • Special syntax for table constructor ${ ... } which can be used to declare a “prime” table.
  • Serialization of prime tables as exchange data format
  • Created IRegistrationPolicy interface to customize the type registration process
  • Fixed: changing the first upvalue of a chunk did not change the _ENV of that chunk (#126)
  • Fixed: UserData.RegisterAssembly was not registering types correctly if no assembly was passed


** Released on 2016-01-24

  • Support for Proxy objects
  • Support for sub-objects in property assigners
  • MoonSharpHide attribute to specify members not to be exposed to Lua scripts
  • MoonSharpVisible attribute now can be added to constructors too
  • MoonSharpHidden attribute as a shortcut for MoonSharpVisible(false) also in an easier namespace to use
  • UnityAssetScriptLoader has new constructors which don’t require reflection use (to ease IL2CPP porting)
  • Fixed a weird bug with using the same destination variable twice in a for-iterator statement (while syntax is parsed correctly, behavior is still undefined as it’s not really correct Lua)


** Released on 2015-12-08

  • New feature: Preemptive coroutines to limit time spent in scripts while preserving state.
  • Added Script parameter to custom converters - this might break compatibility if you were getting custom converters. (Issue #118)
  • Added methods to easily build an array table from a DynValue array.
  • Fixed issue #117 - long empty comments not lexed correctly.


** Released on 2015-10-22

  • Added a PropertyTableAssigner facility which allows POCO objects made of properties to be filled by deserialization of a table.
  • Added a DebuggerEnabled property so that the debugger can be disabled for specific scripts invocations (issue #113)
  • Script loading now uses an access mode which allows shared operations (thanks Atom0s)
  • Fixed: Capturing varargs in table from inner scope causes null ref exception (issue #110)
  • Fixed: Event re-registration might now work (issue #112)
  • Fixed: error messages in load and loadfile functions were at times unhelpful (issue #107)


Released on 2015-06-15

  • Fixed a major bug in how variable arguments were handled (issue #92)
  • Fixed a problem with the registration of extension types (issue #100)
  • Fixed a potential incompatibility with IronPython and assembly auto-discovery (issue #96)
  • Fixed an invalid datetime format specifier in os module (thanks edwingeng) (issue #99)
  • Ownerships checks added to scripts, tables and closures (issue #93)


Released on 2015-06-15

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs concerning tuples and variable arguments (...) functions (See issue #92)
  • Added checks for illegal cross-script usage of some types (See issue #93)

Version 0.9.6

Released on 2015-05-22

  • Support for registration of generic type definitions (e.g. List<>)
  • Support for registration of generic extension methods
  • Support for registered multidimensional arrays
  • Support for user-defined member descriptors
  • Support for calling members with __call metamethod through a Script.Call method
  • Revised support for registered array types (was breaking on some Mono versions)
  • Fixed: indexers not working on multiple base type dispatch

Version 0.9.4

Released on 2015-05-20

  • Interop with enums !
  • Async methods on .NET 4.x (normal and PCL) supporting async/await
  • Revised standard descriptors architecture for better extensibility
  • Improved support for nested types
  • Improved error messages when an invalid member access is made
  • Interop support improvements for value types passed as userdata
  • Interop support for events (with limitations)
  • Interop support for varargs (ParamArray) functions
  • Improved interop with const and readonly fields
  • Improved interop with mixed access properties
  • DynValue.ToDynamic method for easier use on .NET 4.x (normal and PCL)
  • Extended support for iterating over coroutines with a for..each loop
  • Adjusted constructors visibily for StandardUserDataPropertyDescriptor and StandardUserDataFieldDescriptor
  • Partial support to directly use a Lua coroutine as a Unity3D coroutine
  • ScriptLoaderBase and all its child can optionally ignore the LUA_PATH global
  • The REPL interpreter and ReplInterpreterScriptLoader now consider the LUA_PATH_5_2 environment variable
  • Fixed a bug on Unity3D where UnityAssetsScriptLoader was not available on WSA apps
  • Fixed a bug where using AutoRegistration break automatic delegates interop
  • Fixed some issues on explicitely registered collections (See github issue #88)
  • Fixed documentation issues
  • Workaround a Unity3D bug where optimized access on a const field crashed the editor

Version 0.9.2

Released on 2015-03-31

  • Support for lambda style anonymous function as done by metalua (|x,y| x*y for function(x,y) return x*y end )
  • Support for interop with overloaded methods (see note 1 below)
  • Support for interop with fields (see note 2 below)
  • Support for interop with methods having ref/out parameters (see note 2 below)
  • Support for interop with C# indexers (incl. language extension)
  • Support for interop with overloaded operators and metamethods on userdata
  • Support for interop with extension methods
  • Partial support for iterating over coroutines with a for..each loop
  • Proper REPL interpreter and facilities implemented
  • FIXED: % operator was calling the __div metamethod instead of __mod

Note 1: overloaded methods add computational complexity at every call to dispatch to the correct method. While caching exists to improve performance, please try to avoid that.

Note 2: setting a field and methods with ref/out paramenters at the moment always use reflection, whatever the InteropAccessMode is. Use properties and/or methods returning DynValue tuples for faster access.

Version 0.9.0

Released on 2015-03-23

  • Removed ANTLR dependencies
  • Improved performances at load methods
  • string.dump implemented
  • Bytecode serialization supported
  • Goto statements supported
  • Hex floats support
  • Tail call optimization support
  • Invalid comparison functions in table.sort now correctly report errors
  • Better coverage of error messages at the lexer level
  • I/O streams are now customizable.
  • Support for conversions to List, IList, T[], Dictionary<K,V> and other generic collection types
  • Support for customizable type converters
  • Constructors can be called on userdata (by calling a fictitious __new method on a static userdata)
  • tonumber() supports all bases between 2 and 10 (thanks jerneik)
  • Fixed a bug where the debugger connected to the wrong hostname [Flash security is perverted]
  • Fixed a potential memory leak and other hypotetical issues when a deep nested break is executed
  • Compatibility with mono –full-aot (which should include iOS support on Unity / Xamarin)
  • Test suite fixed for an issue where the wrong optimization mode on userdata is chosen
  • A lot of reordered things in code.. a lot of easily repairable breaking changes, sorry
  • Extended XML help coverage
  • Version for portable.NET 4.x and .NET 4.x frameworks
  • Tested on Windows Store Apps (win8/8.1)
  • Tested on Windows Phone 8.1
  • Tested on Silverlight 5
  • Tested on iOS (minor issues still to be solved)


Released on 2015-01-13

  • Vastly improved type descriptors - #39
  • Fixed: Varargs not supported on main chunk - #46
  • Fixed: pcall returns only the first return value - #47
  • Fixed: Threading check not working properly - #42
  • Fixed: Exception ctor overloads revised for potential obscure bugs - #40
  • Fixed: String patterns do not support \0 characters - %z must be used instead. - #29


Released on 2014-12-24

This is a bug fix release over 0.8.1:

  • Function in lua which has 2 parameters with the same name throws error
  • UserData with private properties throws on UserData.RegisterType
  • table.unpack raises IndexOutOfRangeException
  • Assigning nil to a table field should delete it
  • Minor/partial fix on the multithread check on script execution

Note: has not been released on NuGet at the moment

Version 0.8.1

Released on 2014-12-18

This is a bug fix release over 0.8.0:

  • A lot of bug-fixes regarding error handling on nested C# calls and coroutines
  • A bad bug involving a miscalculation of table length has been fixed (See issue #38)

Version 0.8.0

Released on 2014-12-11

  • ‘os’, ‘io’ and ‘file’ libraries completed. Note that in Unity some functionality is not supported.
  • Parts of the ‘debug’ library completed. This has been done for compatibility sake, as debuggers are implemented differently in MoonSharp.
  • Improved error messages
  • Improved options management [breaking change!]
  • Table indexers now support any number of keys and resolve to subtables automagically
  • Fixed a bug where a piece code behaved differently in .NET 4 than in .NET 2 (weird covariance stuff, this btw is interesting stuff).
  • Support for Unity Web Player and Unity Android (non-stripped)
  • Test suite runs on Unity Windows, Unity Android and Unity Web Player correctly!
  • Remote Debugger: it’s now possible to attach the debugger to running scripts without having them getting paused
  • Remote Debugger: it’s now possible to break on errors, and to select which errors break and which don’t
  • Remote Debugger: added set breakpoint and clear breakpoint commands

Version 0.7.0

Released on 2014-11-07

  • Remote debugger support! Little demo here.
  • \u{xxx} escape to output unicode codepoints, as defined in Lua 5.3
  • Better handling of some lexer errors with invalid escape sequences
  • Solved a bug where the VM debugger crashed on inspecting globals
  • ScriptFunctionDelegate types, and added GetDelegate methods in Closure type
  • Changed scope implementation of functions, so that _ENV is always present, either as a local or upvalue (previously, if a function never used globals, it didn’t reference _ENV). This fixes sandboxing of functions calling load or equivalents in some remote scenarios.
  • Support for dynamic expressions in .NET
  • Support for dynamic expressions in standard library (addition)
  • Fixed some license issues here and there

Version 0.6.0

Released on 2014-10-20

  • A new DataType of Void introduced to correctly handle the no return value scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple return values could not be used directly in an operation
  • New modes for easier type conversions in CallbackArguments. Plus, DynValue.CheckType method.
  • Changed “Closure” property of CallbackFunction from Table to be named AdditionalData and being an Object
  • Removed some deprecated methods from ScriptExecutionContext
  • Lots of optimizations
  • Fixed a bug where strings containing some escape sequences were not parsed correctly.
  • Improved syntax error messages
  • Made ‘:’ calls work the same as ‘.’ calls on userdata
  • String library completed, with some methods importing code from KopiLua, ported to 5.2 standard
  • Fixed some bugs in the parsing of string literals escape codes
  • Started a small wrapper to interface with code using the classic stack-based API (UniLua, KopiLua or Lua itself).

Version 0.5.5

Released on 2014-10-08

  • Optimized parsing stage
  • Performance statistics for diagnostics

Version 0.5.3

Released on 2014-10-02

  • Fixed a number of bugs in string library
  • Fixed a nasty bug where the code accessed a “C:\temp” directory, likely failing
  • Added a bunch of helpful overloads and helper methods

Version 0.5.0

Released on 2014-09-30

  • Support for metatables
  • pcall
  • Standard library
  • Coroutines
  • Marshalling of C# objects as userdata

Previous versions are not detailed.