Supported platforms

Generally, MoonSharp aims at supporting all platforms. However it’s very hard - next to impossible - to test MoonSharp on all platforms in Unity.

Platforms are thus divided in tiers.

Tier 1 - expect full support * Standalone Windows, Linux and OS/X * Android * iOS * tvOS

Tier 2 - expect sporadic support, will test when possible, minor problems/unsupported features * WebGL * Windows Store Applications * Windows Phone

Tier 3 - should work, but it’s hard for me to give support * Anything else not in the other tiers

Tier 4 - not supported, you’re on your own * None known so far, will update in case

Miscellaneous recommendations

  • Don’t expose Unity types, if possible
  • Use proxy objects whenever you can
  • Use hardwiring before running on IL2CPP and/or AOT platforms
  • Never expose structs, if possible

Initialize the script loader with one of the more explicit constructors

Use the explicit constructor of UnityAssetsScriptLoader to register all script files. By using this little snippet at the very start of your project you don’t need to add Unity own libraries to link.xml to run on IL2CPP platforms.


 Dictionary<string, string> scripts = new  Dictionary<string, string>();

 object[] result = Resources.LoadAll("Lua", typeof(TextAsset));

 foreach(TextAsset ta in result.OfType<TextAsset>())
     scripts.Add(, ta.text);

 Script.DefaultOptions.ScriptLoader = new MoonSharp.Interpreter.Loaders.UnityAssetsScriptLoader(scripts);